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Thanks to the CRON automatic CTP-UV line, we expose offset plates up to B2 + format in resolution up to 3000 dpi


1. Preparing files for printing
We accept ready-made materials for print provided by the customer, and provide preparation of the work - from graphic design, DTP composition – to exposure.
- PDF files, without ICC profiles, without layers – flattened
- recommended resolution: min 300 dpi
- color mode: CMYK, with no additional profiles embedded (or profile set „Coated Fogra 27 (ISO 12647-2:2004)”)
- in case of printing from additional colors - with appropriate Pantone names, do not send works in other color spaces such as RGB or Lab
- color works should be saved as Composite CMYK (without separation)
- black texts on a colored background should be printed (overprint option with - 100% Black)
- the file should have cutting markers according to the format compatible with the order, graphic and text elements should not be located less than 4 mm from the cutting line
- thin lines and other graphic elements should be defined in 1 color, it is unacceptable to generate text from 4 colors
- in the areas of black uniform background we recommend using: 50% Cyan, 50% Magenta, 50% Yellow and 100% Black.
- file names (without Polish characters) should have clearly defined names and range of pagins contained in them and the type of content, if it is e.g. a mask for UV varnish, embossing, etc.
- file for UV varnish prepared as PDF for print - varnished elements are 100% of one color layer
- file prepared 1:1
- bleed (center) min 3 mm, case cloth 20 mm, center for spiral binding 4 mm on each side
- fonts converted to curves or 100% embedded in the file

Do not exceed the maximum percentages of colors at one point, which is:
- 330% for printing on coated papers that meet the guidelines of ISO 12647-2 (papers group 1 and 2 according to ISO 12647-2)
- 300% for printing on coated papers that do not meet ISO guidelines
- 270% for printing on uncoated papers

2. File delivery

Files can be sent electronically to email addresses and our FTP server
After the client sends files with a graphic design, we check them and if any errors occur we contact the customer. The customer decides to re-send the corrected files or to continue working on files containing errors, thereby taking over the risk of receiving a sub-optimal product.

The printing house IS NOT responsible for color differences resulting from the conversion of non-CMYK color spaces and additional colors (e.g. PANTONE, HKS, etc.) to the CMYK color space. By providing data incompatible with the color space (profile) required in this specification, the customer agrees to the conversion and is responsible for all color deviations in this respect.