Adres: ul. Błogocka 28,
43-400 Cieszyn, Polska
Godziny pracy: poniedziałek - piątek
godz. 07:00 - 15:00

Graphic studio

It is here that ideas take material form!

Regardless of whether you are looking for an interesting advertising folder design or just an elegant business card design - we invite you to our studio.

We design and prepare for printing publications, albums, guides, catalogs, advertising folders, company folders, calendars, CD covers, etc.

Our services also include text composition and typesetting, designing book and cover layouts, preparing complete files for printers and electronic versions.

With constant cooperation, we offer attractive prices tailored to the publisher's budget.

Accepted formats

- CDR, AI, EPS files with fonts converted to curves
- TIF files - after prior agreement

We will create something together or we will help your expectations to take appropriate form.
It is worth trusting professionals!